17 Food-Tech Start-Ups to Watch at Future Food-Tech New York

17 early to mid-stage food-tech start-ups have been selected to pitch their breakthrough technology solutions in front of over 250 international food business leaders, technology integrators and investors at Future Food-Tech New York (June 19-20).

The Future Food-Tech summit showcases start-ups with technologies and products that have the potential to disrupt the global food system and change the way we eat. The event has become a recognised platform for start-ups to forge partnerships with the leading food brands and secure the capital they need to fast-track their product to market.

The acclaimed Tech-Showcase sessions feature eight start-ups from around the world, each with seven minutes to pitch their solution and outline their business model, followed by questions from the audience and the panel of “sharks”; Victoria Beasley of Prelude Ventures, Caesar Layton of Cultivate Ventures and Nadav Berger of Peak Bridge Partners.

This year the summit has introduced a TechHub, which gives start-ups the chance to demonstrate their solutions within the exhibition, extending the total number of participating start-ups to seventeen.

Jennie Moss, Managing Director of Rethink Events and Future Food-Tech host says: “The Future Food-Tech Showcase and TechHub give food brands and venture capital investors the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs from around the world, and each year we see exciting new R&D partnerships and investments take place as a result of those meetings.

“This year we’re delighted to be working in partnership with the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEICI) to bring eight Israeli start-ups to the event and we are excited to see what success stories will emerge.”

From alternative proteins to artificial intelligence, meet this year’s line-up of entrepreneurs

3F BIO (UK): is a biotechnology company making protein sustainable. In nature, the smaller the organism the more rapid and efficient the protein development. 3F BIO harnesses this principle to produce the most economically and environmentally sustainable high-quality protein for wide ranges of food applications.

A1C Foods (ISRAEL): has developed a unique, (patent pending) formulation and technology which allows the use of regular carbs in foods and a low glycemic index. All its products are low carb, high on protein and super tasty.

AgShift (USA): uses patented deep learning technology to autonomously inspect produce and other commodities for defects.

Aleph Farms (ISRAEL): is shaping the future of food and addressing a global meat market estimated at $1 trillion per year, by producing clean meat that resembles free range meat.

Analytical Flavor Systems (USA): is an artificial intelligence platform for the modeling and prediction of sensory perception and consumer preference. The platform and suite of tools helps food and beverage companies optimize the flavor, aroma, and texture of their products to meet the changing preferences of target demographics and consumer cohorts.

Botaniline (USA): creates healthy alternatives to foods people love, but either can’t or shouldn’t eat due to dietary restrictions or chemical ingredients. Its foods are 100% natural, vegetable-based ingredients which improve the nutritional value in food, without sacrificing the taste.

Edamam (USA): organizes the world’s food knowledge and provides nutrition data services and value-added solutions to food, health and wellness businesses. Using a proprietary semantic technology platform, it delivers real-time nutrition analysis and meal recommendations via APIs.

Flying Spark (ISRAEL): is producing high quality protein powder rich with minerals and fibre, as a healthy, sustainable and low-cost alternative protein. The protein is extracted from fruit fly larvae to efficiently cultivate fruit flies in mass production.

FPS US (ISRAEL): develops low cost printed sensors that enable last mile, unit level monitoring of the freshness levels of food products.

Future Meat Technologies (ISRAEL): is a Jerusalem-based biotechnology company advancing a distributive manufacturing platform for the cost-efficient, non-GMO production of meat directly from animal cells, without the need to raise or harvest animals.

HigherSteaks (UK): is a clean meat company using state-of-the-art cell culture techniques. These cells will be grown and differentiated by feeding them a rich, animal-free media.

Improved Nature (USA): is a leading B2B plant-based foods company with proprietary technology to create shelf stable protein products using only non-GM plant protein and water. These products are used by customers to produce clean label food products including sustainable alternatives to animal meats, jerky/meat snacks and crunchy snacks.

Nicevend (ISRAEL): has developed a unique and proprietary technology for the automatic and on-demand preparation for frozen textured beverages. The machines enable the preparation of a large variety of frozen textured beverages made from a single machine.

Noblegen (CANADA): is an advanced ingredients company that produces unique proteins and oils for the healthy living industry. Noblegen’s proprietary technology creates high-quality ingredients from one of nature’s oldest microorganisms.

Nutrino (ISRAEL): is a leading provider of nutrition-related data services, analytics, and technologies. Nutrino has also built the world’s leading food database and nutrition data insights platform, collating data from millions of access points and foods globally. They are the creators of FoodPrint™ – the digital signature of how food affects an individual’s body, used by companies worldwide.

Ocean Hugger Foods (USA): offers delicious and sustainable plant-based alternatives to popular seafood proteins. Its flagship product, Ahimi®, has been heralded in the New York Times, LA Times and USA Today.

Water.IO (ISRAEL): develops and sells to tier #1 global brands its first Internet of Packaging platform for Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG), Food and Beverages, Pharma and more.

To find out more about the food-tech start-ups, visit https://futurefoodtechnyc.com/technology-showcase/

The summit is sponsored by some of the biggest names in the industry, including ADM, Campbell Soup Company, Cargill, DSM, The Edlong Corporation, HelloFresh, Pilot Lite Ventures, Sidley Austin, 915 Labs, IBM, Plug and Play, Vitagene, 3TandAI and the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute (IEICI).

For full information about the event program, speakers and delegate registration, visit https://futurefoodtechnyc.com/