Ahead of his speaking role at Future Food-Tech New York, we spoke with Bryan Crowley, CEO at Soylent Nutrition to find out more about launching a new product in the snack space, the areas of food innovation Soylent is focusing on and their plans for the next 12 months.

You’re speaking on the panel discussion on the future of snacking at the Future Food-Tech Summit in New York City. Can you tell us more about what you will be speaking about at the conference?

2019 is an important year for Soylent as we have shifted our positioning from being a meal replacement brand to one that provides you with a nutrition platform you can enjoy throughout the day. Consumers have become increasingly mindful of their nutrition and what they put into their bodies; however, they don’t always have the time, money or access to make good food choices. Soylent has traditionally provided solutions to these occasions, which we call “food voids”, with our meal replacement products. Yet we know that consumers don’t always need a full meal to tide them over, so at Future Food-Tech we will highlight Soylent’s recent expansion into the snack category, as well as explore evolving consumer eating habits, what is driving the growth of snacking and how the future of snacking can help provide complete nutrition to on-the-go consumers.

Can you talk more about the launch of Soylent Squared and the company’s vision behind launching a new product in the snack space?

There are a lot of bars out there, but most are high in sugar, use less-sustainable animal-derived protein and lack all the nutrients that your body needs to thrive. So on April 18, we launched Soylent Squared, the first complete 100 calorie nutrition bar.

Each bar is perfectly engineered to provide 5g of plant protein, 36 essential nutrients and probiotics for digestive health. At 100 calories each, our customers can design the meal they need when they need it. You can have 1-2 for a healthy snack or 3-4 for a complete meal. Squared comes in three flavors; decadent Chocolate Brownie, butterscotchy Salted Caramel, and bright and fruity Citrus Berry, and is available in packs of 30 squares.

What key areas of food innovation is Soylent most focused on and why are these areas particularly important to the company’s mission and innovation strategy?

In a world with a rapidly growing population and diminishing resources, we need to leverage science and technology to ensure every person can afford and access all the nutrition and calories they need. With the launch of Soylent Bridge – the In-Between Meal – and now Soylent Squared – the 100 Calorie Mini-Meal Bar – we’re expanding our portfolio into new formats and usage occasions so we can continue to provide our customers convenient, healthy and more sustainable solutions.

What are Soylent’s plans over the next 12 months? Beyond the areas of innovation you are currently looking at, what other areas could you look to tackle?

Our core products are typically consumed in the morning as a meal replacement or as an alternative to skipping breakfast, but now we are evolving our portfolio to become a complete nutrition platform that you can enjoy throughout the day. As we look ahead, we will expand our innovation pipeline to include a variety of products, including savory options, to truly provide our customers with a variety of complete nutrition solutions whenever they need them, no matter the time of day. Beyond expanding our flavors, use cases and formats, we are also looking to cellular nutrition and technology to support our sustainability goals and help us create a new generation of Soylent products. We are currently working with a variety of cellular nutrition and technology companies who will support our goals of creating a fully cellular Soylent.

Bryan will be speaking on the panel: The Future of Snacking: How are Changing Consumer Lifestyles and Preferences Influencing our Eating Habits? at 10:00am on June 18 at Future Food-Tech New York.