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Day One — June 7 Morning



Welcome Remarks


Keynote: Delivering a Safe & Healthier Food Supply

Susan Mayne, Director, FDA Centre for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition

Opening Debate: The Change-Makers in the Global Food Industry

• What is the scale of the opportunity in food-tech? How can we create systems that enable access to sustainable, safe and nutritious food for all?
• What are the challenges in identifying and catalyzing the wide-scale distribution of food innovation that deserves national and international attention?
• How are policies, regulations and consumers keeping up with the science? What role can governments have in ensuring that new technologies are pulled through the supply chain to bring benefits to society?
• How is the industry looking to reconcile the consumer distrust in science vs food-tech and the possibilities that new developments are opening up?

Session Chair:
William Rosenzweig, Founder & Chairman, Food Venture Lab

Sam Kass, Partner, Acre Venture Partners
Michel Nischan, CEO, Wholesome Wave
Chris Mallett, Corporate Vice President, R&D, Cargill
Elly Truesdell, Global Product Innovation & Development, Whole Foods Market

Consumer Insights: The Three Cultural Shifts Affecting the Global Food Industry

Steve French, Managing Partner & Owner, Natural Marketing Institute

Networking Coffee Break


Fireside Chat: What is the Role of Restaurants in Shaping Consumer Demand in New Food

• What role can restaurants have in bringing new food experiences to customers? What has been customers’ buying decisions on new products such as alternative proteins? How popular are they?

Beth Kowitt, Senior Writer, Fortune Magazine

David Lee, COO & CFO, Impossible Foods
Brad Farmerie, Executive Chef, Saxon + Parole

Blazing a New Path for the Alternative Plant-Based Proteins

• What is the value proposition for alternative plant-based proteins food and ingredients?
• What challenges remain, for example, around taste and texture? How are ingredients and fibres being combined and processed without compromising the consumer experience?
• How are big meat businesses and major brands looking at the alternative protein sector? How far are they looking to diversify into plant-based sources of protein? What do they need to see in plant-based ingredients?
• What is the role of traditional crops such as soya, sunflowers and canola in the future of plant-based proteins and food ingredients?
• Catalyzing a shift towards greater inclusion of plant proteins in diets. What is the role of governments in producing dietary guidelines and supporting research and investment in alternative proteins?

Session Chair:
Nadav Berger, Founder & CEO, FoodLab Capital

Mary Kay James, Vice President & General Manager, Tyson New Ventures
Pascal Leroy, Vice President Pea & New Proteins Business Line, Roquette
Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director, The Good Food Institute
Stephanie Downs, Co-Founder & CEO, Good Dot

Networking Roundtables: Delegates will break into roundtable discussion groups, each focused on a business-critical issue within food-tech and hosted by an industry leader – bring lots of business cards!

1. Plant-Based Alternatives & Ingredients: What is the value proposition for the Food Industry?
Bruce Friedrich, Executive Director, The Good Food Institute

2. Block Chain Technology in F&A: What does the industry need to be ready for?
Chid Apte, Director, Mathematical Sciences, Science & Solutions, IBM Research

3. Data Platforms & Personalising Health: How is the industry looking to prescribe & support healthier lifestyles?
Nard Clabbers, Senior Business Developer, Personalised Nutrition and Health, TNO

4. Microbiome & Health: What’s next for probiotics, their function, nutritional role and product diversity? How is the industry looking to communicate the science to consumer?
Nicholas Chia, Associate Director, Microbiome Program, Mayo Clinic

5. Open Innovation in practice: What partnerships and investment models are needed to accelerate adoption of innovation within the food industry?
Christine Ng, Global Nutrition & Technology Solutions, Manager & Principal Engineer, General Mills

6. Food Accelerators & Start ups: What models will have the greatest success?
Jackie Miller, Director, Chobani Food Incubator

7. Retail Collaboration: How are retailers looking to collaborate with start ups?
Elly Truesdell, Global Product Innovation & Development, Whole Foods Market

8. Food Distribution & Supply: How is technology changing the landscape?
Gabriel Kra, Managing Director, Prelude Ventures

9. How can FDA better support innovation in foods? A dialogue with FDA.
Susan Mayne, Director, FDA Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition

10. Scaling Nutrition & Health: Creating a healthy food system for all?
Sam Kass, Partner, Acre Venture Partners

Day One — June 7 Afternoon

Networking Lunch Break


Addressing Food Safety & Transparency Through Blockchains

Lance Koonce, Partner, DWT
Rebecca Cross, Counsel, DWT

Food Safety, Traceability & The Supply Chain Perspective

• What technology and systems innovation is needed to underpin the infrastructure for food safety and traceability?
• How is the food industry collaborating across the supply chain and investing and leveraging technology to ensure safe food for consumers?
• How are new regulations impacting the industry and the global supply chain?

Session Chair:
Dean Wiltse, CEO, FoodlogiQ

Eric Kinniburgh, Chief Operating Officer BOH, Bareburger
Arturo Tanus, Produce Safety Manager, Chipotle Mexican Grill

Technology Showcase: Early Stage Technology Companies Pitch Food-Tech Solutions in 7 Minute Snapshots

Session Chair:
Jonathan Berger, CEO, The Kitchen FoodTech Hub

Presenting Companies:
Abi Ramanan, CEO, ImpactVision
Yaniv Nissim, CEO & Founder, GoParrot
Phil Harris, Co-CEO & CMO, Ripe.Io
Enrique Gonzalez, Co-Founder & CEO, Genius Foods
Marc de Gibon, CEO, Cuddl’Up

Networking Coffee Break


Food-Tech Insights: Big Tech Driving Forward Innovations in Food Safety

From drone delivery, block chain, hyper-imaging, AI, intelligent packaging and small computing, what technology innovations are going to create the biggest impact on how food is packaged, delivered, traced and chosen by consumers. We hear from three technologies that will transform the food industry in the coming years.

Chid Apte, Director, Mathematical Sciences & Solutions, IBM Research

Investor Panel: Beyond the Hype – Where is the Next Big Disruptor in Food?

• How are corporate venture capital funds investing in startups? How will new technologies sit alongside their own core products and brands?
• How does food-tech investing compare with other industries? Why is it harder to see blockbuster food-tech ideas?
• What near-to-market technologies are creating interest and which technologies take over in the next 10 years and become viable?

Session Chair:
Greg McParland, Sr Investment Manager, DSM Venturing

Nick Rosa, Managing Partner, Cultivian Sandbox Ventures
Gabriel Kra, Managing Director, Prelude Ventures
Chris Kerr, Partner, New Crop Capital
Lila Preston, Partner, Generation Investment Management

Networking Drinks Reception: Hosted by ADM

Enjoy a drink with fellow delegates while sampling innovative new foods from some of our presenting companies and local start-ups

Day Two — June 8 Morning



Can Open Collaboration Solve Some of the World’s Biggest Food Challenges?

• Can open innovation models future-proof product innovation? What collaboration models and partnerships are needed and what are the biggest barriers to delivering innovation to the market?
• Food companies are targeting entrepreneurs to create a new path. Will big food companies be the biggest beneficiaries of the start-up food movement?
• How do smaller companies benefit from open innovation and where are the opportunities to collaborate with larger companies?
• How important are incubators and accelerators in bringing innovative solutions to the food-tech sector?
• What can be learned from successful hubs in translating ideas into applications?

Session Chair:
Lou Cooperhouse, Executive Director, Rutgers Food Innovation Center

Sofia Elizondo, VP Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Hampton Creek
Zachary Ellis, Jr. External Innovation & Corporate Venturing, PepsiCo
Christine Ng, Global Nutrition & Technology Solutions, Manager & Principal Engineer, General Mills
Jackie Miller, Director, Chobani Food Incubator

Technology Showcase: Early Stage Technology Companies Pitch Food-Tech Solutions in 7 Minute Snapshots

Session Chair:
Brita Rosenheim, Partner, The Mixing Bowl

Presenting Companies:
James Rogers, Science Director & CEO, Apeel Sciences
George Cigale, Co-Founder & CEO, Mycrobiomics
Leonardo Álvarez, CEO, GEA Enzymes
Matias Muchnick, CEO & Founder, NotCo
Benjamin Flammang, VP Strategy & Business Development, Bringg

What’s Next for Delivering the Clean Label Agenda?

Judy Whaley, VP, Sweeteners & Texturants New Product Development, Tate & Lyle

Networking Coffee Break


The Microbiome: Optimizing the ‘Self ‘ By Science

• What is the current state of the science? How close are we to making personalized medicine and nutrition accessible to all?
• How accurate is microbiome profiling in tailoring and diet and nutritional needs of individuals?
• How are regulation and legislation impacting the commercialization of probiotics and prebiotic products? What can we learn from global markets for overcoming barriers and driving consumer adoption?
• What commercial products are available and how is this impacting consumer behavior? At what point will see the industry moving from wellbeing to real prevention and disease interception?
• How is diagnostic technology and our ability to translate data into actionable intelligent lifestyle changes keeping up with the science? What role will machine learning have in identifying and defining biomarkers that need to be acted upon? At what stage, will miniaturized and smart devices move from a clinical setting to a commercial scale?

Session Chair:
Josh Stevens, Chief Customer Officer, Day Two

Nicholas Chia, Associate Director, Centre for Individualized Medicine Microbiome Program, Mayo Center
Miguel Freitas, VP Scientific Affairs, The Dannon Company
Francisco M Codoñer, Chief Scientific Officer & Head of Bioinformatics, Lifesequencing/ADM

Day Two — June 8 Afternoon

Food & Health: Reshaping the Consumerization of Personalized Medicine and Diet

• What are the latest trends in health and wellbeing? How is the drive for ‘self optimization’ delivering innovation and playing out in the commercial market place?
• What emerging functional foods and ingredients are set to disrupt the marketplace?
• How will an aging population drive the demand for personalized/customized supplements? How will 3D printing support the personalized health industry?
• As we acquire a dense and dynamic personal data set on our individual lifestyles, how important will data driven systems be in guiding consumers in real-time towards healthier lifestyle choices? What impact is this already having for pulling through new food brands into the market place?
• How is the food service and retail sector influencing consumer demand and uptake of healthier ingredients?

Session Chair:
Victor Friedberg, Managing Partner, S2G Ventures

Nard Clabbers, Senior Business Developer Personalised Nutrition and Health, TNO
David Beno, New Ventures, Abbott Nutrition R&D

Closing Investor Debate: Accelerating Market Adoption of Food Innovation

• Which companies and business models are having the greatest success?
• How are investors supporting food-tech entrepreneurs? What collaboration models and partnerships are
being used to create market pull-through?
• What predictions can be made on how the food-tech investment landscape change in 2017 and beyond?

Session Chair:
Andrew Ive, Managing Director, Food-X

Victor Friedberg, Managing Partner, S2G Ventures
Alain Bankier, Early Stage Investor, New York Angels
Bryan Chang, Principal, Collaborative Fund
Ben Lee, Managing Director of Funds, CircleUp
Brett Thomas, Co-Founder, CAVU Venture Partners

Close of Summit

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