June 17, 2019 Afternoon and Evening

Pre-Event Plant-Based Proteins Workshop and Dinner

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June 18, 2019 Morning

Welcome Remarks from Rethink Events
Keynote Address: Why Food-Tech is Vital to Feeding Cities and the Next 2 Billion
Food Leaders’ Plenary: Achieving Healthy and Sustainable Food Systems in an Urbanized World
  • What innovations will be instrumental in building resilient urban food systems that offer easily available, affordable and nutritious foods? How are leading foods brands and retailers driving this transition?
  • How do we help consumers make the right food choices and influence eating behaviour? Do the solutions exist to accelerate this shift?
  • According to the World Bank, urban food insecurity in low-income countries is higher than in rural areas, rising to over 70 percent in urban slums. Where should investment be directed to make a long-term impact on food security and provide nutritious, healthy and convenient foods for all? How can we fast track the adoption of solutions?
The Future of Snacking: How are Changing Consumer Lifestyles and Preferences Influencing our Eating Habits?
  • How have consumer eating habits evolved over the years? What’s driving the growth in snacking?
  • How is the sector responding and what key areas of innovation should we expect to emerge?
  • As consumers become more mindful about their food choices, they also still want to indulge. Where does snacking fit into the health and wellbeing space? What are the latest advances in healthier ingredients and foods while still delivering on taste and desire?
Networking Coffee Break
Following Your Gut: Fortified and Functional Foods Driving Good Digestive Health
  • What do the latest science and findings on the microbiome tell us about the relationship between food and health?
  • What types of foods and ingredients are key to improving gut health and microbiota diversity? How are big food brands developing products to meet this trend and deliver on consumer demand?
  • What advancements have been made in designing foods that target intolerances and positively impact on illness and disease management? How have our health needs evolved over the years?
Personalized Nutrition as a Pathway to Healthy Eating and Good Food Choices
  • How are food brands and retailers approaching personalized nutrition? What solutions are proving to be most successful and popular with consumers?
  • Data-driven apps, DNA testing, gut health: What are the limitations of this data, and is data privacy a concern? What new innovative methods of collecting and combining data are emerging?
  • What role can personalized nutrition play in managing and treating health conditions? What innovation is emerging in this space?
  • What are the next set of challenges that need to be solved to deliver personalization at scale? Is it possible to individualise products on an industrial scale? How do supply chains need to adapt?
Cannabis: A New Functional Ingredient?
  • With cannabis-infused foods and beverages emerging on to the market and large investments going into the space, is the cannabis craze a fad or here to stay?
  • What benefits does CBD have as a functional ingredient? How far is the science developed? How is this scientific research being effectively translated into functional, desirable products? Where are the limitations?
  • What collaboration and investment are needed to increase the adoption of cannabis-infused functional products?
Networking Lunch Break

June 18, 2019 Afternoon

Creating a Culture Open to Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • What are the best routes to creating a culture of innovation and how can innovation be integrated into the core business of the CPG?
  • How are CPGs working with start-ups to respond to new trends and leverage talent and technologies to unlock growth? What models have proved successful?
  • What are the main obstacles that big brands and start-ups encounter when working with each other? How we can overcome these?
Roundtable Discussion Groups

One of the most interactive sessions of the program. The roundtable discussion groups are hosted by an industry expert and offer you a valuable opportunity to network, brainstorm solutions and share ideas with your peers on similar topics and issues.

Networking Coffee Break
Technology Showcase: Early-Mid Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Present Seven Minute Snapshots of their Solutions
Investor Insights: Mapping the Market for the Next Generation of Food-Tech Entrepreneurs
  • What innovative models are emerging for VCs and corporates to invest in food-tech start-ups? Which models have shown particular success?
  • Looking back over the past 2-3 years, what have been the most successful exits? When is the best time to exit?
  • What areas of the market are ripe for new thinking and innovation? Where should the next generation of food-tech entrepreneurs be focussing their efforts?
  • One to watch: who will be the next unicorn or what area of food-tech will produce the next unicorn? (audience polling)
Close of Day 1 and Networking Drinks Reception

Day Two — June 19, 2019 Morning

Welcome Remarks from Rethink Events
Uberization: How the On-Demand Economy is Reshaping Cities and Societies
  • Rapid urbanization is transforming our relationship with food. How has this reshaped the way we produce, shop, consume and distribute food?
  • What innovation is emerging in the robotics and AI space to reduce labour costs and make fresh, prepared, healthy foods more accessible and affordable?
  • How can we get nutritious and fresh food to those living in food deserts? How have innovative models such as direct to consumer, e-commerce and meal kits opened up new avenues?
Driving Efficiencies in the Supply Chain through Digitization

Hear four perspectives on how digitization is revolutionizing supply chains, improving productivity, and increasing transparency and traceability.

Networking Coffee Break
Technology Showcase: Early-Mid Stage Technology Entrepreneurs Present Seven Minute Snapshots of their Solutions
The Protein Debate

Four protein companies debate which protein source can best meet the changing needs of today’s world population, comparing sustainability, nutritional value, cost, supply, ease of use and consumer acceptance: traditional animal products, plant-based proteins, insect protein or biotech-produced proteins.

Networking Lunch Break

Day Two — June 19, 2019 Afternoon

Meating Urban Demand for Protein: Accelerating Cell-Based Meat Production and Adoption
  • What is the role of cultured animal products in improving the sustainability of protein consumption in cities? How far can cell-based meat meet urban demand for protein?
  • What infrastructure is needed to scale cell-based meat production for cities? Where is collaboration and investment required to accelerate this? What are the barriers?
  • How far have we come with driving acceptance among the urban consumer, and what is still needed? What countries are showing greatest promise as early adopters?
  • What innovation is emerging for developing desirable meaty textures and flavours, and what is required to develop this further to make it desirable for the carnivorous consumer?
A Food System Under Stress: Are we Ready to Accept Biotechnology as the Solution?
  • How is synthetic biology disrupting today’s food sector and what should we expect in the future?
  • How can we pair science with perception to get consumers on the side of biotechnology? How can the industry communicate the personal benefits in terms of boosting nutrition and reducing allergenics?
  • Is regulation hindering or helping the adoption of innovative biotech solutions?
  • How can we foster greater collaboration and partnerships between the ecosystem to bring innovations such as gene-editing to market? Is there a missing link?
Close of Summit